ARTISTS: Chris Corales


Chris Corales

Chris Corales, a self-taught artist who has been active in the Bay Area for over ten years. He has shown in a variety of local art galleries including A.O.V, SF Arts Commission Gallery, Four Walls, Gregory Lind Gallery, New Langton Arts, Paulson Press, and The Lake Gallery. Corales has shown in Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, Lisbon and Leipzig. He lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

The manufactured needs that supply us with a variety of conveniences are quickly used up, discarded and forgotten. What remain are scraps and remnants of post-consumption. Through its passing--by transit and deposit, by accident--that which is created in mass and monotony takes on a new shape.

I have been exhibiting found material collages locally and internationally for a decade, using industrial shipping boxes that date back a generation, sometimes two generations ago. The process involves avoiding any text element. This influences my decision-making in the search for color and shape, and in essence, this manufactured container becomes a silent collaborator.